What a woman says to a passionate lover
should be written in the wind and the running water...
~ John Keats

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Wild Apple ~ A Sonnet

The Day Dream ~  Dante Gabriel Rossetti

I love you as the wild apple that chooses
freedom from the confines of garden walls;
wild and apple-haired I reach for your
sombre eyes, falling on me like heaven’s stones.

I seek the warm tumble of your voice
upon my breast-bone, a scattering of raindrops
where ribs meet flesh, and your words calling
to the seed-life winter has concealed.

What love is this that clutches at my veins
and shakes me to the core? My hand trembles
to touch the sacred curve of your jaw,

so much is contained by what you hold between
pressed lips. I want to be consumed bite by bite,
I want to haunt you with the scent of wild apple.


Artistic Interpretations with Margaret presents the visual poetry of Maria Wulf.
I selected the clip entitled Wild Apples.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Leda ~ A Sonnet

Leda and Zeus
Gerda Wegener

Who could ever love me as you have?
In the silent realm of between space, moist
as earth after rain, you slipped into me
like a fish slips through water.

I felt the gold flow through my veins
and the want of you, like great white wings,
beating a quickened pulse in my throat,
as your need breathed fire on my skin.

Now, I must bear witness to my endless loss,
abide in the drought of my foreign homeland
as grains of time dwindle through my fingers.

You placed Infinity in the palm of my hand,
a burning secret, known only to the gods:
To love is the atom of all reason.


Fireblossom Friday - The Art of Gerda Wegener

The Myth of Leda and the Swan

Friday, December 25, 2015

Absolute Space

… he tips a bucket full of water and uses the tilted surface of the water to argue that within and surrounding the rotating earth and the turning sun and the tumbling stars, which make it impossible to find any constant starting point and initial system and fixed point in life, there is Absolute Space – that which stands still, that which we can cling to.
from Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow ~ Peter Hoeg

Venus Restaure ~ Man Ray (1936)
About the Artist

The moon hides its corners
at full brightness,
demands attention
takes up space, which is no space,
which is merely time
and fixed motion
no absolute.

Though I try to turn my cheek,
moonlight scratches
the corneal edges
until the tears drip
and cling to blades of night grass,
and no amount of time
will bring back what
has been lost.

The wind blows down my throat,
deflects the gravity of hair
but I am pressed
to this square of earth I occupy;
space will not move for me,
nor time, unspooling
its infinite line without binding
consciousness to any
fractal sliver of
present tense.

The immediacy of the moment
has passed like night birds
that flit before my eyes,
utilizing motion through space
until time swallows them,
as my conception of self has been
swallowed and spat up
in these shallow fringes
of midnight’s eddies.

A thin mist settles on my shoulders,
conversations play out
in other living rooms, somewhere close
a dog’s voice cracks the moon;
emptiness fills the space
in which you never loved me.
Time has reached the natural
limit of reverse.


December 25, 2015
Full Moon
100% Illuminated
381,697 km from Earth

“Absolute space, in its own nature, without regard to anything external, remains always similar and immovable. Relative space is some movable dimension or measure of the absolute spaces; which our senses determine by its position to bodies: and which is vulgarly taken for immovable space… Absolute motion is the translation of a body from one absolute place into another: and relative motion, the translation from one relative place into another.” Sir Isaac Newton

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